About MultiClouds Alliance

The MultiClouds Alliance is an initiative that has been created after the efforts carried out after the work carried out during the three years working in the MODAClouds Research Project. The initiative develops on the interests of the members of the consortium to exploit the results, technologies and experience gained during this period while continuing developing a strong collaboration after the project formally ends that continues the creation and promotion of technologies for Multi-Cloud scenarios.

MultiClouds Alliance

MODAClouds Team believes that in the next years technologies will be squeezed to develop and enhance the use multiple cloud services.

In this context MODAClouds MultiCloud DevOps Toolbox already provides various technologies that could leverage this concept, specially with its approach to allow cloud applications to be designed, monitored and governed by business and technical quality requirements.

The main objectives of the MultiClouds Alliance are the joint promotion, fostering, thriving and leveraging adoption and evolution of MODAClouds MultiCloud DevOps Toolbox technologies and concepts to extend its impact and help improve market with its multi-cloud technologies.

MODAClouds Project's results fundamentally build on top of an Open Source business model, in which all members expect to capitalize their investment by either commercializing MODAClouds-based services or products that have been somehow influenced by MODAClouds results.

Having released MODAClouds technologies as Open Source, prevents any control of the use of these results by the Alliance. The software is therefore separated from the MultiClouds Alliance. The efforts of the alliance are expected to create a brand around the concept of Multi-Clouds, and the use of various technologies that will be mutually fostered by the alliance's members to catapult business opportunities for its members.

However, this umbrella organization. coined as MultiClouds Alliance, will pool investment in the areas of marketing, communication and future investment in the development and improvement of current open source based technology assets. At the same time it is designed to allow individual partners, or collaboration of various partners, to exploit the potential of generating commercial opportunities with the utilization of MODAClouds-driven scenarios that take advantage of the branding and productization generated via the Alliance, in addition to individual efforts.

As every open source project, all the technologies released under this model could be enhanced by partners of the initial consortium, members of the alliance and also important, by any external developer or organization. However, the MultiClouds Alliance comes with the restriction for non-members not being able to associate or use the productized technologies with the brand and the concepts of Creator 4Clouds, Venues 4Clouds and Energizer 4Clouds, owned by the Alliance.

The MultiClouds Alliance is also open to any organization willing to participate, as members or associates, in the promotion and the development of the future of technologies for multi-cloud scenarios. If you want to join the Alliance and help us improve Cloud Computing, join MultiClouds Alliance here.

MultiClouds Alliance is open for new Members

The MultiClouds Alliance is open to any organization willing to participate, as members or associates, in the promotion and the development of the future of technologies for multi-cloud scenarios.

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MODAClouds Research Project

MODAClouds Project is a research project initiate to research in various fields in cloud Computing. The project was born with the objective to to provide methods, a decision support system (DSS) and an open source IDE and run-time environment to enhance the way we use multiple cloud services. In addition, the project builds leverages one key characteristic, guaranteeing quality of service in MultiCloud scenarios.

The project results target to help application developers to avoid the vendor lock-in problem by achieving Cloud-to-Cloud portability, evaluate and address risks of Cloud technologies, monitor the run-time performance and exploit Cloud flexibility and adaptation mechanism to provide quality assurance, and make decisions based on selected Key Performance Indicators.

Given this high level goal, MODAClouds research will be carried on addressing the following technical and scientific sub-objectives:

  • Deliver an advanced software engineering model-based approach and an IDE to support systems developers in building and deploying applications, with related data, to multi-Clouds spanning across the full Cloud stack (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS).
  • Define quality measures, monitoring mechanisms, prediction models, and adaptive policies to provide quality assurance in Clouds and multi-Clouds.
  • Provide support to costs and risks assessment to increase trust in Clouds.
  • Develop an integration framework between design tools and run-time.
  • Create relevant and complex case studies for the entire risks assessment and software engineering methodologies based on practical industrial scenarios.
  • Analyse and validate project outcomes through case studies.
  • Ensure distribution of project results via (i) dissemination activities on relevant publication channels, (ii) training and (iii) standardization of results.
  • Provide the MODACLOUDS results as an open source solution supporting the full lifecycle of applications on multiple Clouds.

MODAClouds Project is partially funded by European Commission through the programme FP7 Cooperation in ICT in the period 2012-2015.

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